Our Relationship with Siemens Energy

Greenray are proud of our longstanding Advanced Partner status with Siemens Energy Industrial Turbomachinery Limited.

We provide spare parts, technical service, field service, overhauls and retrofits for a specific fleet of mature gas turbine packages.

  • GEC Gas Turbines: EAS1, ERB1,EM85, EM610
  • E.E (English Electric): EA1, EA2, DEA2
  • A.E.I (Associated Electrical Industries): AP1, AP2, AP4
  • RGT Gas Turbine Package: TD4000.

OEM appointed service provider

We are the OEM appointed service provider for Siemens Energy mature and legacy products. As the authorised OEM representative for this fleet, we are the custodian of the original design specifications, drawings and records. You can find a full list of Siemens Energy products under our OEM contract from our downloads section below.

For further information on our Agreement, please contact us.  Click here.

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