Greenray and Aurelia® Turbines work in partnership to offer the Aurelia® A400 and A400CHP Gas Turbines to UK Customers. Combining the design expertise of Aurelia® with the packaging, installation and commissioning experience of Greenray provides customers with the ultimate small gas turbine solution.

The most efficient small gas turbine in the world. Aurelia® A400 provides 400 kWe with an electrical efficiency above 40%. The turbine is a two-spool, intercooled and recuperated (IRG2) gas turbine. The turbine has a modular construction and is designed to utilise a wide variety of fuels ranging from standard liquid and gaseous fuels to biogas, biodiesel, flare gases and even synthetic and recovered gases.

Product features and benefits

  • Modular design
  • Active Magnetic bearings
  • Single-can combustion chamber
  • Remote monitoring
  • Worldwide service network
  • High speed power generation
  • Integrated inlet air filters
  • Highest electrical efficiency in class
  • No lubricants, no friction wearing
  • Low emissions
  • Zero vibrations
  • Indoor and outdoor installations
  • Minimal maintenance and down-time

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Aurelia® A400 model

The most efficient small gas turbine in the world.

Performance & specification

Electrical performance and network

Electrical efficiency LHV 40.2%
Electrical output to net 400 kW
Output voltage 362...440 V
Output frequency 48...63 Hz
Maximum output current at 400VAC 597A
Electrical connection 3 phases, 4 wires
Grid code NC RfG, others on request
EMC level IEC 61800-3 for IT networks

Exhaust characteristics

NOx emissions at 15% O2 <15 ppm / V
CO emissions at 15% O2 <15 ppm / V
Exhaust gas flow at full power 2,2 kg/s
Exhaust gas temperature at full power 185 oC
Exhaust energy at full power 1.188 Mj/h
Heat recovery from intercooler 278 Kw
Heat recovery from exhaust gas 240 Kw
Exhaust gas 02 level 17,5%

Dimensions, Weights and Clearances

Enclosure protection IP 54
Dimensions (W x H x L) 3,000 x 3,300 x 9,500 mm
Weight 25,000 kg
Clearance / service area
Left 3.000 mm
Right 3.000 mm
Front 1.500 mm
Rear 1,500 mm
Above 1,500 mm

Temperature limitations

Cooling air relative humidity RH 0…95% Non-condensing, Non-corrosive
Operating temperature -20…40°C Below 0°C cold weather
Storage temperature -10...50°C starting procedure
Permitted chemical vapours according to IEC 60721-3-2

Output & efficiency

Partial load efficiency


Due to the modular design the combustion chamber is easily adjustable to meet the requirements of different fuels. The turbine is designed to use all standard liquid and gaseous fuels and also gives options for non-standard fuels.

Fuel flow LHV 3,582 Mj/h
Maximum allowed H2S content < 5.000 ppm
Net heat rate LHV 8,955 kJ/kWh
Gaseous fuel inlet pressure min / max 700 ... 800 kPa(g)
Liquid fuel inlet pressure min / max 0... +50 kPa(g)

Acoustic emissions

Acoustic emissions at nominal power less than 75 dB(A) @ 10 meters from the turbine.

Directives & certifications

The turbine has been designed according to following standards:

  • Machine directive [MD] 2006/42/EC, 2009/127/EC
  • Low voltage directive [LVD] 2006/95/EC
  • Electromagnetic compatibility [EMC] 2004/108/EC
  • Noise directive 2000/14/EC

Aurelia® A400 brochure

Aurelia® A400 brochure document (663.53 KB)