Upgrading EM610 GEC Generators with Blackstart Capability | Case Studies | Greenray

Upgrades of gas turbine & generator control and fuel systems for a 2 off 60 MW black start, standby sets located at a Hong Kong based power station requiring  an upgrade to their black start capabilities.

The Client

Who we worked with

Hong Kong based power station.

The Engine

What we worked on

EM610's generator sets, originally supplied by GEC in the 1980's.

The Challenge

Providing start reliability and availability for legacy products

The engines had been mothballed for a number of years, but were given a new lease of life by converting them to Black Start and Standby Capability for the power station. Start reliability and availability were particularly key criteria for our client. The upgrade of the control system was also required to include a full remote control solution from the stations central control room and limited remote control from a distant site.

The Solution

Improving reliability with continued service and development

A comprehensive survey on both packages was carried out, resulting in both a detailed service scope and an analysis of the obsolete equipment on both engines. A number of meetings were held with the client to finalise the upgrade and service scope.

Greenray carried out a detailed upgrade of the units consisting of:-

  • Gas turbine control system panels 
  • Gas turbine generator control panels
  • Remote control panels with full functionality
  • Dual processor capability
  • Fuel system instrumentation upgrades
  • Auxiliaries package instrumentation upgrades
  • Gas turbine instrumentation upgrades
  • 110 volt batteries and charger
  • Battery charger - 24 volt batteries and charger
  • Generator protection panel upgrade
  • New fuel control & isolation valves packages

As a turnkey project, Greenray project managed the specification, engineering, procurement, build, witness test, installation and commissioning work, including the management of a local installation contractor team, completing the work within a fixed timescale agreed with our client. The system was required to integrate with a major electrical systems upgrade that the client implemented at the same time as the turbine control systems upgrade.

Today, the engines are test fired on a regular basis, and substantial start reliability improvements have been demonstrated.

About Greenray

Bringing you expertise right from the heart of the industry

As a significant player in the water and energy industries, we have an active role in the service, maintenance and overhaul of turbo machinery. Our services include plant relocation and installation, control system retrofits and rehabilitation projects, workshop services and on-site overhauls, component repair and supplying spare parts and technical services.

Why work with us ?

Choosing Greenray

At Greenray, we strive to continually develop our capabilities in order to provide an unrivalled service. We perform our service capabilities in conjunction with OEM partners to provide the most comprehensive service to our customers.

International services

We work anywhere in the world, and our field engineer's travel all over the globe to carry out our services.

Insider knowledge

We are specialists in legacy equipment services. Working with OEM Partners, we secure access to the original equipment manufacturing drawings, allowing us to reengineer in the most sympathetic, effective way, using the right materials and with the knowledge of the machine history.

We work to understand the history of your machine, from its initial design right through to each new component and specification. This helps us to source the correct parts and adapt them accordingly.

Unrivalled expertise

Our people are experts and they're all our own. We're extremely proud of our field engineer's pedigree, with expertise ranging from working in difficult offshore environments through to land power generation.

A proud history

Legacy machines are in our blood and everything we do is designed to work in the best possible way with them.

Preventing problems

Although we're adept at solving problems, we prefer to prevent them through regular servicing, which highlights issues before they become a problem.

Case Studies

Multi Platform Service Contract

Multi Platform Service Contract

Offshore Servicing

As the OEM for the former GEC gas turbine fleet, Greenray currently operate a number of service contracts for engines located offshore UK.

Offshore Controls Upgrade

Offshore Controls Upgrade

North Sea Oil & Gas

As a Siemens advanced business partner for the GEC gas turbine fleet, Greenray were contracted to upgrade control and fuel systems Avon generator sets located offshore UK.

ESSO Longford PT Overhaul

ESSO Longford PT Overhaul

Emergency On-site overhaul

As Siemens' advanced partner for services to the GEC gas turbines fleet, Greenray were engaged to overhaul the power turbine in Australia within 5 days, to align with the clients planned outage.

Offshore Integrated Service

Offshore Integrated Service

Offshore Servicing

As the OEM for the former GEC gas turbine fleet, Greenray have recently won a 3 year contract to service three EAS1 gas turbines.

Blackstart Capabilities

Blackstart Capabilities

Upgrading GEC Generators

Upgrades of gas turbine & generator control and fuel systems for a 2 off 60 MW black start, standby sets located at a Hong Kong based power station requiring  an upgrade to their black start capabilities.

EA2 On-Site Power Turbine Overhaul

EA2 On-Site Power Turbine Overhaul

A new lease of life

A field engineer was required at a power station in Northern Ireland at very short notice to inspect a power turbine (PT) following an Avon failure. The PT was found to be heavily damaged requiring a strip down of the gas path to ascertain the full extent.

Denmark Turbine Relocation

Denmark Turbine Relocation

Relocation and Upgrade

The client had relocated a 25 MW generator set to Denmark. Due to the energy supply balance in Denmark, in particular renewable energy versus other fuels, there are times when quick start, generators are required to supplement the power generated by wind.

Castle Peak Relocation

Castle Peak Relocation

Greenray support & expertise

The client had relocated two EM610 generator sets from Hong Kong to Indonesia, in order to provide much needed power and utilise available gas on a quick turn around.