Greenray Turbine Solutions provides an extensive range of products and services to the industrial gas turbine and steam turbine markets. We independently supply parts, maintenance and the full range of technical support services for Gas Turbine Packages and Steam Turbines up to 60MW.

Greenray Turbine Solutions is UK based and registered, operating from the company head office in Lincoln. The company also has a rotating equipment workshop located in Aberdeen.

Vast experience and proven commitment

Greenray Turbine Solutions provides a complete range of services and equipment around the world. We offer a wide range of service solutions tailored to individual customer needs. Our wealth of experience and use of service products and common tools, as well as our large installed fleet, forms a solid background of experience.

Worldwide commitment to service

As an Advanced Partner to Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Limited, Greenray Turbine Solutions are the OEM service provider for a specific range of mature Gas Turbine Packages including:

  • GEC Gas Turbines - including the EAS1, ERB1,EM85 and EM610 ranges
  • E.E (English Electric) - including the EA1, EA2 and DEA2 ranges
  • A.E.I (Associated Electrical Industries) - including the AP1, AP2 and AP4 ranges.
  • RLM Packages - including LM1600, LM2500 and LM5000's packaged by Rustons.