Iain Lister

Iain Lister

Chief Executive

Iain has had more than 25 years experience of service for rotating equipment in the Power Generation, Oil & Gas and Industrial Markets. Working for over 17 years in various technical and managerial roles involved with electrical rotating machinery in the power generation, oil & gas and industrial sectors. Iain's role immediately prior to joining Greenray was the Director of Service for the Stafford Facility.  

Iain joined Greenray in 2007 and led the Greenray Energy Businesses as Managing Director of the Energy Division until 2012, when Iain acquired the business and became Chief Executive.

Greenray Turbines provides servicing solutions to the industrial gas turbine and steam turbine markets. We supply parts, maintenance and the full range of technical support services that are traditionally supplied by the OEM.

The primary activity of the business is carried out on behalf of Siemens. Within the Siemens organisation we have achieved the status of Advanced Partner.

In November 2006, Siemens entered into a long term exclusive agreement with Greenray to provide customers, who own industrial gas turbines originally manufactured and supplied by GEC Gas Turbines Ltd, with spare parts, technical services, field service, workshop overhauls, control system retrofits and technical support on behalf of Siemens, directly and in the name of Greenray to all owners of these machines worldwide. This encompasses some 375 active machines worldwide.

Many of Greenray's key personnel are past employees of Siemens and were involved in the design and supply of the original GEC Gas Turbine equipment. 

Vast experience and proven commitment

Greenray provides a complete range of services and equipment, currently located in over 30 countries worldwide. With a presence in more than 10 countries offering a wide range of service solutions tailored to individual customer needs. Our wealth of experience and use of service products and common tools, as well as our large installed fleet, forms a solid background of experience.

The Greenray service centres are located in Lincoln (UK), Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Aberdeen (UK), and are the dedicated service centres for the provision of OEM spares and services for the following machines:

  • GEC Gas Turbines - including the EAS1, ERB1,EM85 and EM610 ranges
  • E.E (English Electric) - including the EA1, EA2 and DEA2 ranges
  • A.E.I (Associated Electrical Industries) - including the AP1, AP2 and AP4 ranges.
  • RLM Packages - including LM1600, LM2500 and LM5000's packaged by Rustons. 

This is in addition to a wide range of other gas turbine package, steam turbine package and generator configurations, which are supported in association with their respective OEMs.

Worldwide commitment to service

Greenray are the OEM service provider for a range of Gas Turbine Packages including the EAS1, ERB1, EM85, EM610 and ELM125 Gas Turbines. We demonstrate proven quality, experience and project management skills, uniquely applied to this mature set of gas turbine machines. The service experience and technical expertise gained represents more than 10,000 operating years of reliable service experience worldwide.

Our current business portfolio has now expanded to include a range of services for other Mature Fleet Gas and Steam Turbines. Greenray is actively promoting its services in conjunction with a number of other OEM's.