Charity book - Mummy's got a poorly

Nov 24, 2017

Today, Iain Lister our CEO had the pleasure of attending Ruddocks Printers in Lincoln to witness the production of a book which Greenray helped to make possible. We consider this book to be very important, it has been written by a special and remarkable person that just so happened to be the teacher of Iain and Jess۪s youngest son. The book itself is a children۪s book, written to address a very important subject.

The author, Sarah, received the devastating news that she had Breast Cancer at the age of 34. With a partner and two young children, a close community and school (of which Iain and Jess are involved) it has been a very hard time. Instead of giving in, she decided to fight the fight and created a webpage to share her thoughts and progress.

Sarah shared with us that one of the hardest things to get through was how to explain things to her children. She found that there was very little material available that was suitable for the age group of primary school and pre-school children (between the ages of 2 and 5). So, she began to piece bits together and told them in her own way, trying to explain it to them without scaring them and also give them an insight into the months ahead, so Sarah wrote this book. These will be sold to raise money for charities which include The Osborne Trust.

Through the ups and downs she has shared, and the several rounds of chemotherapy, she is still sharing her journey. You can read more about her story on facebook:-

If you would like more information on how to purchase a book, please email us at [email protected]