Extend the life of your plant with our GT Life-extension Programme: LifEX

Gas turbines are more than the core engine - We can maintain the whole package

We at Greenray have the Gas Turbine Life-extension Programme (LifEX) to improve the reliability and limit the risks of obsolesce for operators with legacy machinery. Our programme consists of controls work, emissions surveying and package health checks among our engineering, consulting and training services.

Gas turbine control system life extensions and updates from Greenray

Control System Life-extensions

We are experts in legacy gas turbines and offer services with control systems replacements, spares & updates. We can offer the service for most turbine packages that:

  • Removes risks of obsolesce with low cost
  • Updates the existing package fast and efficiently

As an addition to our suite of Gas Turbine LifEX solutions, we have launched the M2R – Rustonic® Mk II Rack replacement. A plug compatible modular solution, the M2R offers reduced costs and minimal machine outage when compared to a full control panel replacement, yet includes the latest touch screen HMI and SIL2 capable controls hardware.

Complementing an M2R installation are rack replacement Vibration and Fire Systems.

To download the M2R brochure, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

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Gas turbine package health checks from Greenray

Package Health Checks

To limit unplanned overhauls and increase availability. As an addition to our servicing and repair services, we provide a comprehensive Non-Intervention Health Checks to your whole package.

Our turbine health checks ensure that minor issues are found and work is carried out to fix the issues before they harm your engine. The service, which we already undertake with many of our onshore and offshore clients, can be customised to operator needs and ensures increased reliability and maintains safe operations.

  • No downtime with Non-Intervention Health Checks
  • Increased plant reliability and optimal performance

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Gas Turbine Emissions Surveys from Greenray

Emissions Surveys and Recommendations

As global gas turbine experts and consultants, we also provide emissions surveys to report your current emissions and can show if you meet the target levels set by national authorities. We can also use the results of the survey completed to guide you on how we can work to meet the strict emissions limits and your individual target values arising from regulations such as Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD).

  • Commercially viable solution against purchasing own equipment for testing
  • Greenray is experienced with testing having worked with high variety of operators

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