Original OEM components

We only use OEM repair schemes to repair and refurbish components, using OEM approved or recommended repair facilties to carry out the repair/overhaul on your behalf. Frequently we are asked why we approach our component repairs in this way and our response to this question is:-

"Safety & Reliability is paramount for repaired or refurbished package components. All to often these components are used in high risk areas of the Gas Turbine Package in locations all around the world - both on-shore & off-shore. Component repairs not carried out in accordance with approved processes for these critical systems could result in significant reliability issues or could result in injury or even worse. The safety of our Customers employees and equipment comes first, and using genuine OEM components guarantees the best possible result ensuring first time success."


Peace of mind

All component repairs are carried out in approved workshops using trained engineers. These workshops have the most advanced methods of testing, ensuring that the life of the repaired component is maximised, whilst ensuring all repairs are performed within manufacturer's tolerances where possible. Our repairs often give us the chance to introduce the latest modifications, and to use the latest specifications resulting in peace of mind for all our customers.

Price comparison

In the majority of cases, the price for refurbishment is considerably cheaper than replacement with an equivalent new product. We can provide you price comparisons for equivalent new components, demonstrating cost effectiveness whilst still using OEM approved facilities.

If there are any problems encountered during the refurbishment process, we will advise you of the problem and also if possible, provide options for a solution with minimal disruption.

Repair process

Our repair process typically covers the following:-

  • Acknowledgement of the receipt of your components
  • Inspecion & Dismantle
  • Provide inspection report outlining workscope required for repair
  • Quote repair, and await customer acceptance
  • Repair and Test item to original OEM specifications
  • Ship with Test Certification & Repair Warranty

Often our repairs come with warranties equivalent to new components

Supporting OEMs in their package parts repair requirements

Our repairs business supports our OEM partners in providing package part repair services for their fleets of gas turbines, including managing components and inventory required for new & service exchange components, supporting integrated maintenance contracts. Our approach ensures that in the event of a routine service or a breakdown any components required are readily available direct from our stock of repaired parts.

This often requires direct integration with our OEM partner business systems, allowing us to provide instant data and enhance processes for OEM's.

Typical list of repaired components

Our list of component repairs is wide ranging and extends to the the following package parts. Significant savings can be achieved for repaired components as compared to the cost of new:-

  • Actuators & valves
  • Couplings, gearboxes
  • Processor and control modules
  • Motors & pumps
  • Accelerometers, accumulators, switches
  • Exhaust diffusers
  • Blow off valves
  • Clutch assemblies

  • Control Cards, colour monitors and operator panels
  • Electronic I/P converters
  • Half coupling assemblies (CT/PT)
  • High energy spark generators / igniters
  • MPI burners
  • Regulators
  • Starter motors
  • Torque convertors
  • Pinion journal & thrust bearings
  • Primary & secondary high speed shut off cock

More information

For more information about Greenray and our comprehensive range of turbine services please contact us on +44 (0)1522 503300