Many control systems fitted to older turbomachinery are unreliable, difficult to support and require specialist knowledge to setup, calibrate and maintain.

We engineer complete replacement control solutions using proven industry standard components with the benefit of technical support during installation and beyond.

The control systems originally installed on turbo-machinery many years ago are often obsolete, difficult to maintain, repair or understand, technology has moved on dramatically during this period of time. Where significant life extension is demanded by customers, the most sensible solution to ensure long term service and reliability is a complete control system upgrade or retrofit. We have the experience, expertise and knowledge to build and install a complete retrofit control system solution using off the shelf industrially proven hardware.

Retrofit features

Individual discrete controllers/Monitors integrated into one.

Separate temperature monitors, governors, lamp matrix displays, surge controllers, performance monitors – all merged into one system. Integrated with vibration monitoring, fire and gas detection systems, overspeed detection systems.

Programmable Logic Controllers

  • Industry proven systems from market leading suppliers – guaranteed long term support.
  • Integrated programmable logic – no separate timers, hardwired logic, trip-amplifiers or multiple controllers to interface.
  • Future upgrades and modifications can be easily implemented.

Improved instrumentation

Using modern instrumentation to improve fault tolerance and greater diagnostic functions to more readily resolve faults and reduce down time.

Upgraded HMI (Human Machine Interface)

  • Using dedicated industrial displays or PC based HMI systems with intuitive mimic based displays.
  • Easy navigation and operation through clear representative mimic displays.
  • Intelligent messaging and device tag displays means easier fault finding and quicker return to operation.
  • Long term data recording and archiving for monitoring performance and condition based preventative maintenance.
  • Minimised displays, buttons and switches – all operation functions performed through HMI screens.

We can tailor systems specifically to your needs, including:

  • Generator Control Panels (GCP) and Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR)
  • Vibration Systems
  • Speed Probe and Over-speed Systems
  • Governors, Sequencers and Temperature Monitoring
  • AC and DC Motor Control Centres
  • Fuel Systems
  • Compressor / Surge Controllers
  • Battery, Battery Charger and Inverter Systems
  • Process Control Panels
  • HMI Replacements and Upgrades
  • Fire & Gas Detection and Protection Systems
  • Instrumentation and Instrument Panels