Inspections & overhaul

Our experienced team have the capabilities to carry out power turbine and gearbox inspections on site.

The team strip the equipment, assess and provide a comprehensive report which makes short, medium and long term OEM recommendations to maintain the equipment in the best possible condition.

We work closely with site operators to take into account constraints and scheduling factors. Our specialist experience in the legacy turbine fleet gives our customers the insight they need to ensure the long, safe and efficient running of their turbine packages.


Gas generator removal / installation

We assist our customers with the removal, re-installation and commissioning of gas generators. We can work across a multitude of engines including, but not limited to:-

  • Avon (all variants)
  • Olympus
  • EM610 (all variants)
  • EM 85's
  • LM2500, LM5000 and RLM250
  • RB211 (all variants)

Package maintenance & service contracts

We offer general turbine package maintenance on both an ad-hoc and under a maintenance contract. Our engineering teams perform preventative maintenance, planned and unplanned maintenance as well as reports / recommendations on package maintenance strategy.

In addition to the turbine package itself we also provide maintenance of ancillary equipment such as motors and pump as well as all sizes of package upgrades.

These maintenance programmes provide peace of mind to our customers who can rely on our guaranteed response times, high stock inventory of spares and on-site expertise should the unexpected occur.

Our commitment and technical expertise consistently receives praise from our customers and enables us to maintain strong, successful relationships. Our engineering teams are trained in MIST/ISSOW, H2S, SCO91, asbestos awareness, manual handling, confined spaces as well as offshore medical / survival.

Service Bulletins & Notifications

As the OEM service provider for Gas Turbines and packages produced by GEC Gas Turbines Ltd we issue service bulletins and notifications to registered operators together with recommended courses of action.

More information

For more information about Greenray and our comprehensive range of turbine services please contact us on +44 (0)1522 503300