The provision of system upgrades and retrofits is an important aspect to the operation of a gas turbine package or plant and is the platform to improve operational reliability and remove unscheduled downtime.

Our solutions can be tailored to the individual needs of the customer whether it is a black start solution encompassing sequencer, governor, AVR, excitation, generator protection and fuel system replacements to a relatively simple plug and play governor replacement.

Furthermore, we can also provide remote control and remote monitoring solutions through a secure gateway. This allows a condition monitoring and assessment service to be provided at low cost with rapid access to technical support often situated 1000's of KM's away.

Control system upgrades

The control systems on mature turbines can often be passed the stage where they can be reliably supported. Many components are obsolete, and have been for many years. The failure of one key component may lead to an extended shutdown while replacement are located and/or engineered.

Where parts are re-engineered, it can lead to ancillary issues, such as complying with Management of Change processes at many sites.

In addition, the availability of clients needs to be considered, as there is a declining pool of resources who are trained and understand the older systems.


In order to remove these risks we are able to offer Controls Upgrades based on modern PLC based platforms, that as well as remove obsolescence issues, offer the following benefits:

Upgrade Benefits

  • Off the shelf, rugged industrial components, with improved Supply Chain
  • High MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) statistics
  • Dual Redundancy available
  • Access to software upgrades/improvements as the control logic is not 'hard wired'
  • Enhanced operational data and archiving
  • Improved operator interface with intuitive LCD touch screen displays
  • Integration into existing and new DCS and SCADA Systems, along with Remote Control and Monitoring options.
  • Condition monitoring (ideally with Instrumentation Upgrades)
  • Different levels of parameter access (e.g. Operator/Supervisor/Maintenance)
  • Greenray are able to offer Control System upgrades to all of the former GEC Fleet of Gas Turbines.
  • HAZOP/FEED Studies and SIL 2 Certification

Fuel system upgrades

There have been significant advances in fuel throttling technologies, both in valve, actuation and Control.

We offer an integrated gas fuel valve upgrade to suit installed GEC packages. The system is made up of three primary components, the valve, actuator and electronic control unit.

Upgrade Benefits

  • Low ownership costs - parts are industrial standard
  • Lower maintenance costs due to reduced parts count
  • Higher reliability / longer life
  • Improved load acceptance and shedding performance
  • Fully calibrated fuel metering
  • Continuous monitoring of fuel delivery
  • Lower starting flows and reduced emissions on start-up
  • Increased start reliability, automatically adapts based on fuel Temperature and Pressure (Calorific Value compensation can be offered)
  • Generally supplied a pre-built module to reduce Installation time


Lubricating oil system upgrades (Avon)

We are also able to supply upgrades to the original Phase 1 and 1.5 Lubricating Oil Console supplied with GEC packaged Avon Turbines.

Upgrade Benefits

  • Improved availability and reliability
  • Stainless steel oil sump, reducing/eliminates oil contamination
  • Switches and gauges changed out in favour of Transmitters, providing greater accuracy and allow Condition Monitoring
  • Reduced count of fittings, leading to less leakage sources.

Instrumentation upgrades

Originally, GEC Packaged Gas Turbines contained many instrumentation switches, which was a common standard at the time.

We offer to change many of these switches in favour of modern transmitters. Normally this is carried out at the same time as Control System Upgrades. Upgrading the turbine package instrumentation has the following advantages:

Upgrade Benefits

  • Access to running data allowing for Condition Monitoring

  • Ability to plan maintenance around Gas Turbine Conditions, potentially leading to reduced down time and extending intervals between services.
  • Improved spare parts supply, in many cases older instrumentation is obsolete.
  • Reduced parts count, as High/Low Switches can be replaced by a single Transmitter
  • HART options are also available

Gas turbine package refurbishments and relocations

We are actively involved in the relocation and refurbishment of existing gas turbine packages.

Our services include

  • Initial FEED Study
  • Decommissioning and Installation Project Management
  • Decommissioning and Installation Field Services

  • Package re-certification
  • Transportation to either a workshop or the new site
  • On and Off Site refurbishments
  • Provision of upgrades and revamps
  • New Operation and Maintenance Documentation
  • Service Contracts

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