Greenray is the provider of OEM spares and services for gas turbine packages including the AP1, EA1, EAS1, ERB1, EM85 & EM610 gas turbines. 

We have pioneered specialist processes and techniques to ensure that mature gas turbines can continue to provide reliable, efficient and safe operations. The service experience and technical expertise employed within the business represents more than 10,000 operating years of reliable service experience worldwide.

Technical expertise and engineering support

As a provider of OEM spares and services, we offer a complete range of technical support, including 24/7 technical assistance, ensuring that machine availability can be maintained. Our specialist engineering teams provide day to day field service engineering support, through to regular service management programs with a rapid response, typically within 24 hours to ensure plants are returned to service as quickly as possible.

Our skilled maintenance teams are strengthened by fleet knowledge, operating history experience and modern service solutions, including the provision of dedicated offshore tooling to ensure the right tooling is present when it is needed.

Our service team provides a fully manned 24 hour telephone response program to manage customer breakdowns often as part of an Integrated Maintenance Service contract, In most cases, this is linked to guaranteed response times within pre-agreed timescales.

Our service provision includes the quality documentation, technical reports, recommendations, and supervision/execution of mechanical and electrical work. All our personnel are qualified and certified for working in an offshore environment, in confined spaces and are certified to SCO3 level with National Grid for working alone at gas installations.

Why work with us ?

Choosing Greenray

At Greenray, we strive to continually develop our capabilities in order to provide an unrivalled service. We perform our service capabilities in conjunction with OEM partners to provide the most comprehensive service to our customers.

Insider knowledge

We are specialists in legacy equipment services. Working with OEM Partners, we secure access to the original equipment manufacturing drawings, allowing us to reengineer in the most sympathetic, effective way, using the right materials and with the knowledge of the machine history.

We work to understand the history of your machine, from its initial design right through to each new component and specification. This helps us to source the correct parts and adapt them accordingly.

Unrivalled expertise

Our people are experts and they're all our own. We're extremely proud of our field engineer's pedigree, with expertise ranging from working in difficult offshore environments through to land power generation.

A proud history

Legacy machines are in our blood and everything we do is designed to work in the best possible way with them.

Preventing problems

Although we're adept at solving problems, we prefer to prevent them through regular servicing, which highlights issues before they become a problem.

More information

For more information about Greenray and our comprehensive range of turbine services please contact us on +44 (0)1522 503300