A safer replacement for your package

Making safety issues a thing of the past!

We know that for operators it can be difficult to locate good quality components. For example, obtaining vital parts such as Transition Ducts can be a problem. In the past there have been instances of a variety of operational issues, from trips due to high temperatures detected in the package, to the risk of burns and fire, all of which are serious Health and Safety issues.

High quality materials

OEM Designed solutions

Greenray have designed and produced an enhanced replacement Exhaust Transition Duct (ETD) based on the original, whilst still maintaining the same form, fit and function. The improvements have been achieved by the use of aerospace technology for materials and our extensive experience as the OEM service provider. The ETD has been specifically designed for the Rolls-Royce Avon to GEC EAS 133, 134, 135 and EA2 engines.

High quality materials

Rather than piston rings, which were completely free floating and vulnerable to leakage, the new Duct design uses gas-tight flanges, which are rigidly clamped or bolted to the corresponding engine flanges. Flexibility is achieved by the incorporation of an integral gas tight, high temperature expansion Joint.

Product features

Our design incorporates several features not available on either the original or other manufacturers design.

This includes:

  • Gas tight flanges that are rigidly secured
  • An integral gas tight expansion joint
  • An integral inspection port for visual inspections
  • Borescope access, for more in-depth inspection

For further information, download the ETD brochure at the bottom of this page.

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