Here at Greenray, we are very passionate about environmental matters, so when the opportunity came to help our local environment, we buzzed into action!

Thanks to a relatively small outlay from our CEO, Chris Hughes, we have purchased two Nucleus hives, which will become the new home for our bees.

We are lucky to have our own resident Apiarist, Craig Cocking, who will become our inhouse Bee Wrangler.Craig has many years’ experience looking after bees, so we know they will be in safe hands.

Interestingly, the bees will forage from local plants and wild flowers covering up to a 4 mile radius. As a result, we will be helping the environment and hopefully rewarded with a sweet surplus at the end of the summer. Our new residents have been released into their new home and will gradually settle in over the next few weeks, so stay tuned for further updates.

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