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We pride ourselves on our work with sugar producers, and understand the challenges faced with a high-volume production facility. We know our Bagasse from our Quintals.

Greenray Turbine Solutions are an independent service provider and are not affiliated to any specific product, supplier, or manufacturer.

This gives us the flexibility to provide a cost effective, customer focused service for your critical equipment.

A full service

We know downtime is lost time!

So let us help, by providing everything you need to keep your core equipment well maintained and fully operational.


  • Power and Co-generation turbine alternators up to 60 MW
  • Preparation steam turbine drives
  • Mill and Pump steam turbine drives
  • Boiler fans 

Our expert services Include:

  • On Site and Workshop Inspection
  • Full maintenance workshop facilities
  • Minor and Major Overhauls
  • Control Systems
  • Training and Consultancy

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