Your opportunity to apply for membership to our Customer Portal

Greenray Turbine Solutions Limited, have set up a web based Customer Portal, to provide access to service bulletins, related safety documentation and brochures.

If you are an End User or an Operator of the GEC or Ruston’s® gas turbine legacy fleet, we would like to invite you to apply for access to our Customer Portal. All requests will be vetted by our applications team and only legitimate operators will be granted access.

To apply for access, please follow the link below, using your Company email address and specify the engine type(s) you have in your fleet.

Your application will be checked and if approved, you will be given membership to access service bulletins and many important safety documents, to help you, your equipment, and your team to operate successfully.

As a part of our proactive approach to supporting our customers, we will continue to produce documentation that gives the latest safety and product advice.

Please feel free to forward this page to other colleagues within your organisation, so they can also benefit from access to the Customer Portal.


Applying for membership is easy, just

click here.