A viable solution to combat obsolescence

Greenray Turbine Solutions Ltd. have designed and built a robust plug-compatible control system solution, to replace the now obsolete Rustronic® Mk II system. The rack replacement system called the M2R, offers the latest in control capability to deliver reliable performance.

The M2R includes:

  • A new controller, which is SIL 2 capable and I/O modules
  • Real-time and historic trending facilities
  • Enhanced maintenance capability
  • Utilise existing cabling with a hardwired safety system
  • Industry standard controls hardware options, including ControlLogix, CompactLogix, and Siemens S7

The replacement rack is built as a robust plug-compatible control system solution, which can be easily connected to the existing cabling on-site, with the minimum of disturbance and downtime. The use of industry standard components gives confidence with tried and tested reliability.

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