Site Asset Operations Technology (OT)

As the OEM for mature turbine packages, Greenray are fully aware of the potential cyber security breaches to original or retrofitted equipment, that were not designed to withstand malicious network attacks. Most of these installations are now made up of mismatched equipment that has evolved over the years and may well provide an easy target for a cyber-attack. 

We can help
We assist customers by carrying out a detailed survey of your Asset Operations Technology (OT) and advising on changes that can help to plug the leaks.

Why choose Greenray to help you?
Our surveys typically include:

  • Comprehensive asset identification
  • Hardware obsolescence / supportability checks
  • Firmware / Software and backup checks
  • Network topology identification
  • Connectivity to external IT system checks

On completion, we provide a survey report with recommendations on system changes to increase cyber security, site operability and improve site resilience.

Tried and tested experience
Our expertise is not limited to complete turbine systems. We can survey your package and report our findings, helping to safeguard your networked equipment.

Additional information

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