We have the experience to deliver

As the OEM for the GEC legacy fleet of turbines, we have many years of experience in providing controls solutions for aging equipment and systems. We design and implement control systems modernisation and life-extension upgrades for customers around the world, increasing availability and reliability, whilst simplifying operation and reducing maintenance costs.

Why choose a Greenray control system?

  • Improved operational reliability and security
  • Improved operator control and interface with enhanced data handling
  • Remote control and monitoring facility
  • Secure Integration with DCS and SCADA

Our expertise is not limited to complete turbine controls, we can supply reliable modular upgrades as standalone products, including HMI, governor units, overspeed protection modules or vibration systems.

We can also supply package system replacements, such as fully instrumented fuel systems, driven unit control systems, fire & gas protection systems and much more,

Additionally, we have our obsolescence solution for the ageing Rustronic® MkII rack replacement system which we call the M2R. The rack offers the latest in control capability to deliver reliable performance.

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