At Greenray Turbine Solutions Limited, we fully prepare our field service engineers and when required, send them to some of the less exotic parts of the world. This is to ensure that vital energy supplies are available for consumers globally. This takes a dedicated team of specialists who from picking up the phone or receiving an email message, work with the customer to ensure the job is completed and the customer is happy. Our Customer Service Managers are often the first link in the chain, to make sure we understand what is required, where it’s needed, and who of our teams are best placed to get the job done in a professional and safe manner.

For such tasks, knowing your team is vital. But this is only the beginning of the route to success, ultimately it is our hardworking and professional field service engineers that get the job done. In the oil and gas industry, no job is a picnic, in fact when coupled with often harsh working conditions and tight timelines it can be a tall order, and this is where planning and resolve come to the fore. Our field service personnel are all picked for their skills and experience that make them an essential asset to the business. In turn, GTSL ensure that our team are looked after and are quick to resolve any issues before they escalate.


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