At Greenray, we pride ourselves on our longstanding gas turbine heritage. We are responsible for the world’s largest archive of over 250,000 original GEC drawings, covering over 80 years of Engineering and Gas Turbine development. The custodianship was granted as part of our Advanced Partner status with Siemens Energy. This puts Greenray in a unique position to assist our customers on a truly global basis. The archive is a key part of the OEM data we use to maintain GEC legacy products. It not only fulfils a business requirement, but is also becoming a valued historic archive. The drawings, a number of which are on vellum were produced long before the days of computers. This was at a time when Draughtmen would serve a lengthy apprenticeship, producing engineering drawings totally by hand. A small part of the archive racks and our Archivist, Graham Hill can be seen in the photographs.

The archive is cared for by Graham Hill, the Companies Technical Author and Archivist.

“I take great pride in having the privilege of looking after this archive. It gives a glimpse into the true skill of the draughtmen, who have spent millions of hours producing these wonderful drawings.”

archive of GEC drawings,
Graham Hill Technica Author and Archivist.