Helping you to foresee the future

The health of your turbine package is an early indicator of potential problems just waiting to happen. With the pressure to maintain production always paramount, it is easy to lose sight of just how the turbine package is performing or when early warnings of failure are visible.

Cost effective solutions

At Greenray, we understand this, and are on hand with cost effective solutions, to give you peace of mind and the confidence to know when maintenance or repairs are needed. Our comprehensive health checks ensure that minor faults are found, and work is carried out to fix the problems before they cause harm to your engine.

Analysing the whole package

Faults affecting reliability and stable operation often result from deficiencies that originate outside of the core engine. These can often be avoided and can be identified by the use of package health checks. Think of it as a physical for your turbine installation.

Our turbine package health checks cover many elements often overlooked during servicing, including:

  • Identify re-occurring issues
  • Check running logs for increased trends
  • Package auxiliary overview
  • Inspect enclosure integrity
  • Check for premature seal failure to fuel & oil ways
  • Check and inspect F & G system
  • Check package security of attachment
  • Control and HMI system functionality
  • Check exhaust system lagging integrity

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