Greenray recently completed an upgrade to an Avon black start package, giving the unit much greater reliability and the confidence, to provide peak load to the Queensland power grid. Following a major power outage to the electrical power grid in Queensland, Australia, the engineering, design and quality of Greenray's upgrade to the Gas Turbine Control and Fuel system capabilities were put to the test.

The GEC Avon standby generating set, upgraded by Greenray in 2018, performed perfectly to supplement the power generation capacity of the Queensland power grid. The customer reported that the Avon rose to the challenge, performed to its pedigree and recovered the cost of the upgrade project within a matter of hours.

Queensland power grid with orange sky

This powerfully demonstrates that the Avon fleet, with over 50 years of service around the world, still can provide a valuable service when upgraded.  The operator was very happy to provide power to the Queensland power grid and help keep the lights on.

A fantastic achievement!