On the many repair and maintenance jobs that our guy’s attend, there is often variety and occasionally, the complete unknown! This was certainly the case when we were asked to investigate a troublesome torque converter in Denmark.

During disassembly of the gear housing, heavy corrosion soon became evident on both helical gears. Sections of gear teeth were irreparably damaged, rendering them unserviceable. This was soon found to be due to the presence of water inside the converter.

The output shaft splines were also damaged, because of the ingress, and environmental effects, from long term storage. The biggest surprise was a small ball of leaves, which we suspect may have been a mouse nest! Quite how the mouse came to take up residence is a mystery, given the confines of the torque converter.

To return the torque converter to its former high-quality state, the unit will be thoroughly stripped and given a complete overhaul at our workshop.

Don’t let the unusual stop your production, we can help.

Our specialist services include:

  • Planned inspections, troubleshooting and training
  • Minor and Major overhauls
  • On and Offsite component repair
  • Re-engineering of obsolete and hard to source parts
  • Control system upgrades and remote monitoring
  • Long term service agreements

Not just the Turbine

Our expertise covers all elements of your drive train, including:

  • Heat Exchangers / Oil Cooler
  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Main, ESV and Control Valves
  • Field Instrumentation
  • Generators as part of a package

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