The legacy fleet that Greenray service and repair globally has to tolerate punishing environments. This is no exception when it comes to wiring harnesses, after 40 years or so of continual operation.

We are regularly asked to help our customers when these vital components succumb to the ravages of heat and oil.

Our latest harness manufacture was a turbine instrumentation harness, for valued North Sea operator with a Rolls-Royce EASI engine. As the OEM for the GEC fleet, our Engineers soon got to work and located the original drawings from our vast archive and were able to identify and gather all the cabling and components, meeting the latest environmental specification.

The harness was manufactured using Mil-spec connectors and crimps. The heat shrink used is resistant to oils, grease and fuels, to ensure future longevity of the harness. After thorough testing, the new harness was dispatched to the customer to be fitted for service. Thanks go to our Principal Engineer, Phil Hill for another quality job.

If your wiring harnesses are getting ropey, don’t hesitate to contact us for a complete solution. We’ll soon have you operational again.

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