Greenray Turbine Solutions Limited, are rightly becoming more environmentally aware, and this is particularly important when it comes to waste reduction. Not only are there legislative requirements for all businesses to adhere to, but also there is an increasing moral responsibility, as we all share this glorious planet. We are continually taking positive steps to be more sustainably aware, and have introduced initiatives to reduce our energy consumption, and have installed LED lighting throughout our offices, which has had a very positive impact. To further reduce energy consumption, we have installed zone controlled lighting in our busy office, workshop and warehousing areas. This automatically switches lights off when an area is not in use and brings them on when needed.

Our team of warehousing specialists are always looking into ways to reduce waste and where possible re-purpose good quality packaging material received, whether we purchase products for ourselves or our customers. We have proudly achieved ISO 14001 accreditation and for the last two years have achieved EcoVadis Gold sustainability rating, thanks to the dedicated efforts of all involved. By thinking about our waste and finding ways to reduce it by repurposing it, we have become more sustainably aware. This in turn, also provides some cost saving, by using packaging materials, which otherwise would probably end up as landfill or scheduled for incineration. Additionally, we try to use more natural products, such as recycled cardboard, paper and paper packing, in an effort to distance ourselves from plastic materials, where possible which are less sustainable. More recently, we have started using starch-based packing beans, which greatly reduces our need to use products such as Styrofoam when packing smaller delicate components. We are constantly working to further refine our packing processes and as such, where we are currently unable to remove from our processes, we also focus on the reuse of plastics such as bubble wrap. The economics of reusing and recycling, although beneficial, is not our primary goal of course, we are more focused on the bigger environmental picture around us.

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