The difference is Greenray

Having complete access to the equipment IP (intelectual property), allows us to provide the fleet with specific contract number solutions and Appointed OEM certified work scope and spares; where possible the materials provided can be a modernised, certified and a trusted solution.

Our support of the fleet is complete and includes:

  • Globally Located Service Centres
  • Engine overhauls
  • Major Component Inspection & Repair
  • Engine and Major Component Service Exchange
  • Stockholding of OEM certified Core and Package parts
  • Provision of planned service inspection
  • Turbine Package health checks
  • OEM certified field service & service centre support
  • Industry leading warranties


Quality assured
Greenray are providing a market leading service and support the fleet no matter the location or situation. Our focus is supporting the fleet and its operators in a pragmatic and cost-effective manner, whilst promoting equipment efficiencies and longevity.

The confidence to give you peace of mind
Relax, you are in safe hands with Greenray. Our dedicated experts have over 200 years of combined product experience and in some cases this association goes back to design and development of key mechanical and electrical systems. This experience, twinned with our access to the full archive of original drawings and manuals allows us to deliver where others struggle.

How else can we help?
When you work with Greenray, you’re getting the full back up of an Appointed OEM, plus our team of experts can also provide auxiliaries systems and modular upgrades including:

  • Controls and HMI support
  • Controls upgrades and replacements
  • Rustronic Mk II system rack replacements
  • Lube oil systems
  • Fuel systems & governors
  • Fire & Gas systems
  • Electronic overspeed protection
  • Temperature monitoring

For more information, download our Ruston TA Gas Turbine Support brochure, at the bottom of this page.

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