Comprehensive Rotating Equipment Assessments

Working closely with our customers we can assess entire packaged equipment and associated systems

Greenray can assist owners and operators of all types of industrial rotating turbomachinery with asset management and site surveys.

Maintaining the whole turbine package health results in increased reliability and highest efficiency for your turbine. Our asset management and site surveys are great examples of cost effective ways we offer to improve your turbine efficiency.

These assessments can aid our customers to capture site data to identify areas of concern with respect to:

  • Obsolescence
  • Spares availability and management
  • Hardware disaster recovery
  • Software backup and version control
  • Control system architecture and configuration for cybersecurity
  • Operational data analysis for emissions control
  • Performance data monitoring
  • Documentation deficiencies and updates.

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We can help you find the weakest elements in the operation and support of your rotating equipment.