Greenray Hydraulic & Lub Oil Systems

Modular, Repair and Replacement

One of the main causes of lube oil system failure is loss of lubricant flow. In our experience, this can also lead to excessive wear, premature replacement of bearings, and other parts of your package.

Therefore, in addition to Power Turbine, Gearbox and Driven Equipment, our lubrication oil system upgrades can also be supplied either as modular upgrades such as a pump, motor and filter replacements, or can be repaired and refurbished in order to rejuvenate and extend their operational life.

Provide efficient cooling and extend the life of your whole Turbine Package.

We can assist you to maintain functioning Hydraulic and Lub Oil Systems Lubricate bearings, both journal and thrust. Depending on the type of installation, this can also include work on the hydraulic control system, oil shaft seals, gears and flexible couplings.

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